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As a former Professional Tennis player, Gabriela was the #1 player from her country (Venezuela). She reached the #230 in the world in the WTA and the top #10 ITF in juniors. Gabriela won several professional titles and she reached the finals of the US OPEN JR.

Gabriela Paz is a former professional tennis player who traveled the world in pursuit of her career dreams. She holds a psychology degree and loves to study the complexities of the human mind. Her passion for writing has grown through the years as she wrote several sport and well-being articles for important brands, such as Gamma, Vantage Tennis and Underdogs.


Gabriela has always had a soft spot for romance in her life and in writing. Since she was young, she liked writing poetry and romantic songs in her free time. Sharing her imagination fills her with joy as she let's her mind run wild with a pen or a keyboard.


She currently lives in Hollywood, FL with her husband. During her free time, Gabriela loves reading novels, watching movies, biking and spending time with her family.


Gabriela Paz

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