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Little Games of Love

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Official release date April 25th, 2021

For lovers of Love and Gelato, Just one day and The Upside of Falling, comes a story of struggle, friendship and love you will not be able to resist. “A heartfelt journey of a young woman coming to grips with what real love means.” — WORDSPRITE Editorial


An unexpected letter can change everything...

Eva Coleman hasn’t always had it easy, but she never stops trying to feel love. With her father walking out on her when she was young and her high school boyfriend breaking her heart years later, Eva spirals into one doomed love experiment after the other.

When Eva meets a charming older Italian guy, Leo, he makes her heart skip a beat, but the timing isn’t right. She thinks starting a romance when she’s about to head off to college will be far too complicated.

While away at school, Eva hopes to forget her pain and find a new path, but instead, she bounces from one regret to the next. Just when things look like they might take a turn for the better, an unexpected letter falls in her lap and her world comes crashing down—leading her to make the biggest mistake yet. Now, Eva’s questioning everything she believed about herself and her life.

Will Eva let this shattering news and her dark past destroy her chance at happiness? Or will she move past it and finally allow herself to find true love?

"Little Games of love is an excellent debut of a coming of age story from teenage to adulthood. We meet two characters Eva and Leo who are attracted to each other. It’s a classic tale of right person but at the wrong time. This novel has everything. Drama, love, angst, family drama and friendship. An excellent novel!"

BEENA KHAN. Author of The Name of Red.

“Little Games of Love is a beautiful blend of young love, self-discovery, and a close look at the damaging effects abandonment has on the human psyche. Using a humanistic approach, Paz breaks down the bittersweet coming of age experience, and creates characters and circumstances that feel reminiscent of one’s own first brush with love. A tale that will relate to both young and old, Little Games of Love is a must read for anyone who’s ever dabbled in the art of romance.”

SHY SMITH. Editor and Yes Magazine National winter winner.

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